Patch Notes - August 24

This patch addresses some gameplay quality of life issues, improves performance, and various minor tweaks.

- if reduced to a single crew member, an emergency crew member can be purchased from Upgrades
- there is now a confirmation prompt when launching if it would leave a crewmember behind
- the price of Hunker Down was increased
- rescued crew members will be in a random mode
- enemies should be less likely to spawn directly on top of each other

- improved performance on lower end hardware, particularly in the Forest biome
- fix a small graphical artifact caused by health bars and progress gauges
- the ship tail lights have been repaired

- Engineer constructs display an Engineer icon if they require work to build or deconstruct
- action bar now indicates disabled and active states
- fix action bar remaining on screen after selected construct is cancelled
- fix auto harvester icon on Engineer action bar
- added a short transition graphic when landing on a planet

- sounds are muted when game paused
- fix incorrectly offset sound emitter on Firebutt enemies
- added various missing sound confirmations on button clicks

Controller Support
- UI can be navigated with the dpad
- keyboard/mouse mode switch buttons are hidden and replaced with a dpad graphic when using a controller
- targeting reticle now rotates slowly

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Version 9 Aug 24, 2020 86 MB
Version 9 Aug 24, 2020 87 MB
Version 9 Aug 24, 2020

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